Student Expectations

HD Stafford Middle School Expectations 

At HD Stafford, we want our students to be able to empathize with others and have the moralcourage to make the right decisions. We are confident our families will partner with us in using Restorative Action, where all adults in our school community establish and reinforce clear expectations.  

 If any students:  

  1. a) bully, disrespect, interfere with, or endanger other students
  2. b) are disrespectful toward school buildings, property, and the property of others
  3. c) are disrespectful towards adults or peers
  4. d) refuse to comply with a directive from any adult staff member at a school (including teachers and teaching assistants, parents acting as chaperones or coaches, noon hour supervisors), then they will be held accountable, and are subject to disciplinary consequences for their behaviour. 

Bullying and Harassment  

 Bullying or harassment in any form will result in students being held accountable for their actions and words and being subject to school discipline. These two terms are defined as: 

Bullying: is any act of intimidation, threatening, put downs, making fun of another person or persons.  It is also defined as an individual imposing his/her will on another person through intimidation or violence.  It consists of an individual or group acting or speaking aggressively or disrespectfully towards another individual or group due to a perceived imbalance of power. 

Harassment: involves any unwanted physical or verbal behavior that offends or humiliates an individual. Generally, harassment persists over time and is similar to bullying, but with some notable differences. Similarities include hurt caused from one person to another through cruel, offensive and insulting behaviours. However differences between bullying and harassment include that it is a form of discrimination, where a person is targeted based on a violation of Canadian Human Rights laws. The focus of the behavior would be based on Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Religion to name a few. Reports on school-occurring bullying or harassment should IMMEDIATELY come to administrators from students, eye-witnesses, parents or staff members.  School District Policy #7200 provides forms and a process for victims or witnesses to report on the harassment, and put this report into a documented official complaint for investigation.  

Closed Campus

HD Stafford is a closed campus; that is, students will not be allowed to leave the school premises after arriving in the morning unless they have a note from a parent/guardian. All visitors must check in at the office upon entering.  

 Clothing – Langley School District Dress Guidelines 

If staff determines that a student’s clothing violates the Langley School District Dress Guidelines, students will be drawn aside for a private conversation. If students cannot provide clothing that adheres to the guidelines, they will be given clean clothes to wear from the office.   for more information.


Individual classroom teachers will determine if gum chewing is allowed in their classroom. Gum chewing will not be allowed in common areas such as hallways, the learning commons, gym, multipurpose or music rooms. 


Hats are welcome to be worn indoors at HD Stafford Middle except on special spirit days or other days as appropriate.  


Students will be expected to use proper language for a school, both inside the building and outside. Therefore swearing, disrespectful or racist language, either verbal or written, will not be tolerated at any time. Students may expect immediate consequences for use of improper language. 


We do not have a cafeteria, so students will eat lunch in their classroom, sitting at their desks. Respectful inside behaviour will be expected at all times. After the eating period there may be activities such as clubs and intramurals. All other students will be expected to go outside for the duration of the lunch period.  

 Outside Days 

All days are outside days; that is, students will go outside for recess and lunch play periods. Students must therefore come dressed for the weather each day.  

 Personal Technology 

Our school policy is that students must put away personal technology upon school entry and it is not to be used until the bell at the end of the day. Electronic devices will not be used during recess and lunch and will not be allowed outside during these times. 

Individual teachers will set their own guidelines for usage in the classroom. Depending on the activity or assignment, this could change frequently.  

***We kindly ask parents to support our Personal Technology policy by contacting the school directly if you would like to contact your child during the school day*** 

 Physical Contact 

‘Hands and feet to yourself’ will govern our behaviour. This means no tackle football, rough play or play fighting. A simple hug when greeting someone is acceptable but displays of affection such as kissing or extended hugging are not.  

Harmful Items 

Students must not bring any kind of harmful items to school. These include vapes, lighters, any kind of household knife, laser pointers, other chemical substances, or any object that may be a danger to others, or could be considered a weapon. If a student accidentally brings any object like this to school, they must tell a staff member immediately. Parents may pick up the item later at the office.  

The RCMP will be notified if a staff member feels that the incident is sufficiently serious.  

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