Student Expectations

Student Expectations

Cell phones and other devices MUST be kept in a student’s locker at all times with the exception of:

  1. A staff member has given specific permission for the student to use the device
  2. It is used outside the building before school or after school

Lunch Period

i) Students are expected to eat lunch within their homeroom class following the expectations of their teachers and support staff

ii) Students are to respect the physical classroom space during the eating period, including ensuring all garage and recycling is put into the proper receptacle prior to going outside

iii) Please use the washroom before going outside

Back Packs

i) Students are to keep backpacks in their lockers or classroom during the schools day, including lunch time.


i) Students are permitted to wear hats, except in the gym, home arts and tech arts rooms

Dress Guidelines

i) Please see the District Dress Guidelines for more information.

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