Food, Clothes and School Supplies

Clothing Options for Families

  1. HD Stafford has proud partnerships with the following clothing outlets. Please contact Mr.Hendy or 604-534-9285 for more details.
    • Value Village – 20501 56 Ave – Email or phone Mr.Hendy for a School Letter connecting your family to the Langley Value Village. Present the letter to the customer service desk and ask for a manager. The manager will indicate the clothes available to you and your family for free. The letter is valid for two weeks after the date indicated on the letter. There maybe a limit for select items.
    • Langley Vinyard Church – 5708 Glover Rd – Email or phone with Mr.Hendy for a school letter. Present the letter at the Langley Vinyard Church for free clothing for your family. There maybe a limit on select items and only open on Wednesdays.
  2. School Clothing Rooms
    • Douglas Park has clothing for families that attend Douglas park. Adult sizes are limited. See the Douglas Park secretary for access.
    • Nicomekl Elementary has specific items for available to their students. They do not keep any adult sizes. See the secretary at Nicomekl for access to the room.
  3. Specific Items
    • HD Stafford has partnerships with local business, groups, and individuals who will provide sports equipment and specific clothing items for families. Please email or phone Mr. Hendy
    • HD Stafford Community Room has Jackets, socks, t-shirts, hoodies, elastic shorts and sweat pants available upon request. Please email or phone Mr. Hendy

Foods Programs

  1. Breakfast Program
    • We welcome any students for breakfast at the Community Room. Come grab a bagel and fruit to start your morning off right. ]
    • Our breakfast program is funded by several partnerships and grants. Vancouver Sun adopt a school is a huge support for our breakfast and lunch programs. ANYONE Welcome.
  2. Lunch Program
    • HD Stafford’s lunch program is for students who do not always have nutritious lunch available to them. Parents who wish for their child to be on the lunch program are to email or phone with Mr. Hendy
    • Community members have stepped up big time for our lunch program. We have Village Church, Kim’s Angels, Christian Life Assembly, and an international exchange program helping with our lunch program.
  3. Weekend Fuel Bag
    • Bags of groceries are delivered to the school each week. Please contact Mr. Hendy if you would like a weekend fuel bag.
    • Weekend fuel bag was created by local students. They have connected businesses and doners with grocery stores and schools to deliver food to families for the weekend. Currently they support 10 fuel bags for HD Stafford. For more information go to

School Supplies


  • Back Pack Program

    • Staples and RBC have provided our school district with backpacks filled with school supplies. These are kept in the community room and are for anyone. We have limited supplies for primary students. Email or see Mr.Hendy For those supplies.
    • Douglas park and Nicomekl also have primary and intermediate back packs with school supplies. Please see the office for those school supplies.
  • Specialty Items

    • We have connections with community groups who will purchase specific items for students. Please email Mr.Hendy for those items.


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