Week of September 12th

September 11, 2016


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Nice to see so much sunshine. Each Sunday we will send out our version of a school newsletter through our “This Week At HDSMS” Here is the edition for September 12th.

Information To Share:

Hawk Squawk: If you missed it on Friday, we share out our Hawk Squawk celebrating the successes that go on at our school. Click here to see our Hawk Squawk from last week.

First Aid Emergency Bags: A huge thank you to the District PAC who, in collaboration with the district, delivered “take n go” safety bags for each classroom in our school. This will be very useful for our emergency drills or if we ever had a real situation.

Cell Phone Use At School: Parents should be aware that the expectation at HD Stafford Middle School is cell phones are not permitted to be used in the school during the day unless given specific permission from a staff member. Students may use phones outside of the school before and after hours as well as at lunch. Please reinforce this with your child at home.

Dress Guidelines: The district has developed new dress guidelines for all schools in Langley. These can be found by clicking here.

District Code of Conduct: The district has streamlined things and created a code of conduct for all schools in Langley. This can be found by clicking here.

Find Your Fit Tour: Langley Secondary is hosting the Find Your Fit trades exploration tour on Thursday September 15th from 3:00 – 7:00. We would encourage any Skyhawks curious about the trades as a career opportunity to attend.

Choir and Band: We will be offering Band and Choir at lunch through the music teacher from Langley Secondary, Mrs. Thorpe. If your child is interested in joining, please attend based on the days/times below.

PAC Update: Each week, we will put an update from the PAC in this section:

  1. A reminder that students came home with the PAC donation form. You can also donate through the school online system.
  2. First PAC meeting will be on September 21st following our Welcome Back BBQ/Meet The Teacher Night.

What’s Up At LSS: Each week Langley Secondary puts out a blog celebrating the awesome things going on there.  Stay tuned for the first one coming next week. 

Community Announcements: Often HD Stafford gets valuable information from community organizations in our surrounding area. These will be shared on the following link. This week we have the following:

Professional Learning: Here are a few of the professional learning articles, websites and videos I have “scooped” to  Leadership With Purpose: Random Curation of a Passionate Educator Be sure to check out the following:

  • Reiss Profile: Basic Desires
  • It’s “Digital Heroin”: How Screens Turn Kids Into Psychotic Junkies
  • Flow: The Secret To Happiness (video)
  • The Adaptable Mind (video)
  • New “flexible” Curriculum Goes Province Wide Next Week

Up-coming Dates



Band Practice at Lunch


Student Choir Practice


Find Your Fit Tour At Langley Secondary


Practice/Gym Schedule:

None this week

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