Stafford Scoop Dec. 4, 2020

December 6, 2020

Week of December 4th, 2020

The countdown is on!  December has arrived – and as we know this month is beyond busy and we are all tired. Please make sure that each of you find ways, now more than ever, to balance work and life, to find things that feed your soul – and take care of yourselves and each other as the we march towards December 18th.    Around this time last year – we were doing our best to spread a little joy – so if you haven’t had a chance to check out last year’s Christmas Video – here it is!  I wonder what it will be this year…

Here’s the scoop…


Sammy the Skyhawk has been reading like crazy since he nested in the Learning Commons!  What’s the latest book you’ve checked out?

Red 8 is researching and producing some incredible Norse Mythology tiles!

We have Christmas Sweaters and Stick Reindeer in Gold 7!

Mr. Foerster is busy rehearsing with the Grade 6 band – Everyone in their cohorted zone and it sounds amazing!


Mr. Gundy and the War of Worlds Crew practicing their performance and recording their lines.

Ms. Sandher and some her lunchtime helpers showing the Christmas spirit! Speaking of Christmas spirit – Ms. Lyon and Ms. D are back at it again after school – making the office as cozy as a…well… Holiday Yule log!



  • Please welcome EREN ALLEN who will be joining us on Wednesday – Friday in Green 7 and Green 8 for Stephanie Hamilton’s maternity leave.
  • Please welcome NOEMIE POTVIN who will be joining the team in RED 7 for Melissa Kobzos’s maternity leave!


With report cards coming up December 11, we want to make sure families have access to the MyEd Parent Portal.

MyEd Parent Portal Assistance:

Log in site:

Request for Assistance:


Just a reminder that there is no stopping/parking on Grade Crescent in front of HD Stafford Middle School. In consideration of our community neighbours and for the safety of our students, please refrain from blocking driveways and crosswalks and jaywalking. Please have a conversation with your child(ren) of where an appropriate place to meet up after school could be. There is lots of available parking by City Park which is just a short walk away for our students.


With the days growing shorter and the weather changing to rain, fog, and frost, HD Stafford Middle is reminding all our students to take extra precaution when walking to and from school. Please be aware of your surroundings, walk on the sidewalk and with someone whenever possible, and avoid wearing headphones. We also ask drivers in our school community to be vigilant on our roads. Student safety is our priority. Thank you for your cooperation and support in keeping everyone safe.


  • MASKS – Please ensure that your children have their masks each day. We have no more masks to give out in the office at the moment.
  • WATER BOTTLES – please remind your children that they need to have a  water bottle at school.


The Langley School District Foundation was established with a mission to make learning UNFORGETTABLE for every Langley student. Our mandate is to support and provide programs that are not funded or fully funded by the Ministry of Education and our goal is to ensure that every Langley student receives the maximum benefit of the education to which they are entitled.

We value your opinion. To better understand the impact our programs and the emerging needs of Langley students, we’d appreciate your participation in this short survey. Please click on the following link:


Conversations About Reading

Talk to your kids about what you are reading and ask them what they are currently reading. What do they like about their book, what are you loving about yours? These conversations help to give them the language to talk about literature. Also help them find books to read when you visit the library. Something I have found helpful is to ask the reluctant readers what kind of movies they like, then head over to that section the library. We choose a book and I ask them to “take it for a spin.” Just read the first chapter and see how it feels. If it’s a no, we can try another –  this has really helped some kiddos get into books that otherwise wouldn’t be interested.


  • HDSMS will continue to work towards being a completely paperless school when it comes to communication with parents. In order to stay informed, please be sure you use at least one of the following on-line methods:


  • Fundraising Update:
    • The class who sold the most Community Value Coupon books in last month’s fundraiser was Division 8-1, selling 22 books, with Scarlette O’Neill selling 20 books.They are the winners of a virtual zoo presentation. Special recognition in other classes where Chloe Hubbs sold 10 books, James Hanna sold 10 books, and Jayden Davis sold 10 books. We want to thank all those who supported this initiative!
  • New Information Below:
  • We had a great first PAC meeting of the year and the PAC elections were completed. Meet you’re new HDSMS PAC TEAM!
  •   Any questions or if you are interested in joining our PAC initiatives please contact


WEDNESDAYSuperintendent MeetingJohn and Natalie (Teams)9:15-11:30am
THURSDAYSBTHDS Learning Commons7:15-8:30am
 Staff MeetingTeams3:00pm
FRIDAYReport Cards are PostedAvailable Online through the Parent Portal
 Spirit Day!! – Cozy PJ DayEveryone!All Day!!


There is no athletics at this time – we will keep you updated as this situation progresses.



The link is to the White Hatter safety resource app which is a collection of helpful tools and sources for students, teens, teachers, and parents who need help from a variety of challenges such as bullying, mental illness, substance abuse, sexuality, and various emergencies.  They are all Canadian links and many are available 24/7.

Students used to come and use the QR code outside my office to access it but that is no longer possible.


Be sure to checkout the district’s webpage for the latest updates:

4th Annual West Fine Art Show

The Foundation, in partnership with The West Fine Art Show Society, is holding the 4th Annual Art Show at the Glass House Winery in South Langley. Eighteen professional artists will be showing and selling their exquisite pieces. At the same time, the Foundation will host an online exhibition and adjudication of student art with cash prizes for first, second and third. Photography, paintings and 3-D sculptures are eligible and should follow a theme of COVID-19 and what it has wrought on our society (the positives, negatives, changes, trends). Please send images via email to and

Friday, March 5, 2021 • 5 pm to 9 pm

Saturday, March 6 • 11 am to 7 pm

Sunday, March 7 • 11 am to 5 pm


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