Hawk Squawk: October 28th

October 28, 2016

As we get set to go into the Halloween weekend, we have had a spectacular week here at HD Stafford Middle School. Here is the Hawk Squawk: October 28th so be sure to share it with your family and friends.

IMG_0617Intramurals In Full Effect: This past week, we saw your intramural program get into full swing! It is a great opportunity for all our students to participate in a variety of games throughout the year in friendly competition. The teams are multi-grade so our population getIMG_0615 to know one another with students even refereeing. The first activity is handball and the students are having a blast. Huge thanks to Mr. Safiq for organizing this awesome opportunity.

IMG_20161027_110513Barbie Goes Zip Lining: Mr Jung has his students fully engaged in Math and Science (among other subjects) by giving his students a simple challenge … get a Barbie doll to zip line from the top of the climbing web to a particular tree. They had to calculate the exact amount of string they would need while also making adjustments to IMG_20161027_132953the shape and weight of the doll. The critical thinking, problem solving and cooperation required was astounding. What an awesome, interactive way to engage in powerful learning.

IMG_0620The Wonders Of Our Local Ecosystem: We are so lucky to have the surrounding ecology we do at HD Stafford Middle. And it is even better when teachers take advantage of that to empower learning for our students. This past week, Mr. Sandquist took his grade 7 students out to the local ecosystem to conduct a variety of different IMG_0621experiments. They squared off a section of the ground and then made keen observations on what they were noticing. Such an authentic way to learn this key Science skill.

IMG_0591Candy Cells In Science 8: Mr Calderon found an engaging (and tasty) way to help students better understand the make up of both plant and animal cells. After some traditional learning through reading and diagrams, he had them create a 3-D model using a variety of candies. First of all, it was impressive the students didn’t IMG_0593just eat the candy! But what was more awesome is the detailed models they created and the deeper understanding that resulted! 

IMG_0588Literacy Centres Up And Running: We are so proud of the re-structuring we have done this year in our Learning Support department. We are passionate about supporting all of our students, especially those with learning struggles. And recently Mrs Hamilton, Mr. Bedard, Mrs Jonasson and Mrs Collins have been seeing small groups to work on Daily 5 adn Lit CAFE activities. This IMG_0589style of focussed instruction coupled with self regulation and motivation for students is a powerful way to increase reading and writing levels across the board. And with their new re-designed flex learning furniture, the students are loving this educational space!

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