Hawk Squawk: November 11th

November 11, 2016

As we take time today to remember those who sacrificed for the freedoms we have today, we can will also celebrate the great things going on at HD Stafford Middle from this past week. Here is the Hawk Squawk: November 11th.

IMG_0841HDSMS Remembers: On Thursday, the entire Skyhawk community took time to acknowledge Remembrance Day. Our IFA classes shared extremely powerful pieces of art, dance, music and spoken drama allowing us to deeply reflect on all that we have in our lives today and the sacrifices that occurred to make that possible. It was great to IMG_0835have so many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles able to join us as well. Thank you to Mrs Coleman, Mr Sandquist, Ms Ashcroft and Mr Cavalli for putting this together.

IMG_8563Hawk Squawk Jr: The students in Ms Ashcroft’s class have been working collaboratively to create their own version of the Hawk Squawk…only so much better! They spend time getting information about different things going on around the school and then present them to their IMG_8560classmates using a variety of media tools including iMovie. They have done such a spectacular job! Perhaps they will take over the weekly blog shortly.

IMG_0850HDSMS Students Give Back: We are so proud to be a part of the greater Langley Secondary family of schools. And our students always feel a strong connection to the elementary school they came from and this past week some of our Skyhawks had the opportunity to give back. Chris Jung, Robin Moo & Say Say Eh went back to DouglasIMG_1911.JPG Park Community School to help run one of their weekly Exploration activities. They used their own skills in soccer to give back to the younger students. It is so great to see our students establish a greater sense of community at such a young age.

IMG_0814Silly Putty In Mr Calderon’s Class: The students in Mr Calderon’s grade 8 Science class get to participate in some pretty cool experiments. They are always using their inquiry mindset to test out different theories and answer a variety of questions. This past week, they made their own silly putty using an emulsifier plus a polymer. The students had a great time getting their hands dirty and learning some high level chemistry.

Bringing The Hatchett To Life: Students in Ms Forbes grade 7 class have been working on IMG_0848the novel, The Hatchett. This great story of survival has been a favourite among students for many many years. There are many different themes to cover including self-discovery and resilience. And students had a great time learning about different parts of a story by creating dioramas. the attention to detail in re-creating different scenes from the book were very impressive.

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