Hawk Squawk: May 25th

May 25, 2018

After a bit of a hiatus (the system was down) we are back with the Hawk Squawk! We have a few different things to celebrate from the past few weeks so be sure to check it out! And remember to share with your family and friends.

Idea Summit Showcase Young Entrepreneurs: As you may remember, HD Stafford Middle recently had their Grade 8 Power Play Young Entrepreneur Fair. Students designed, proto-typed, marketed and sold their own products as a business. A few were selected from that to join the district wide Idea Summit held in early May. And it was outstanding! Our grade 7 and 8 students went to see it all in action as well as buy products. Was an excellent, real-life learning experience for our students!

Grade 7 Camp: As a celebration to the end of their loop, our grade 7s packed up and headed to Camp Squeah for a few days of outdoor learning and fun. They had the opportunity to participate in several different sessions including mountain climbing, archery, ropes courses and survival skills. And then of course there was camp fire, great food and outdoor games. A great time was had by all and we are already looking forward to our next year camp. Check out this link of all the photos!

Red House 7 Hitting The Court: We are so proud of the different opportunities we are able to offer our student at HD Stafford Middle. The goal is to give them the chance to find out their passions and strengths. Recently our grade 7 red house classes went to Newlands to learn how to play Racquetball! The kids had a blast and were able to learn a game virtually none of them has played before. I’m sure a few will continue to play into adulthood.

Aboriginal Paddling: We love the amazing opportunities we can provide for our Aboriginal students. This past week they headed out to Deer Lake for a kayaking trip and it was amazing. The weather fully cooperated and the kids had a great time learning a new skill. It was great to see the looks on their faces as they enjoyed success and made their way around the lake. What a great experience for our students.

Horse Riding at Stepping Stone: Elaine at Stepping stone stables gave two students the opportunity to learn and ride two horses. This will continue for the next five weeks. The girls will learn all about stables and horse care as well as riding the horses. Both Cheyanne and Harmony were thrilled to be on the horses today. Each student got to brush the horse, clean the hooves, and put the riding gear on. Each time they visit they will learn more.

Burns Bog Visit: It has been great having amazing student teachers at our school. And recently one of them, Ms Lidhran planned a great trip to Burns Bog. They looked at the different plant species in the bog eco system, talked about the history of burns bog, talk about conservation strategies of the bog. They also did a scavenger hunt at the bog to identify plant species and how they are all connected. What an awesome learning experience for our kids!


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