Hawk Squawk: May 20th

May 20, 2016

Hard to believe we are already at the May long weekend. Hopefully you have plans to relax and rejuvenate doing something fun. To help kick it off, here is the Hawk Squawk: May 23rd.

IMG_8535HDSMS Students Recognized At District Aboriginal Awards: On Wednesday, the Langley School District held their annual Aboriginal Awards, recognizing the excellence of our students of First Nations descent in a variety of areas. We are proud to acknowledge that the following grade 8 students from HD Stafford Middle School who were given awards:

Georgia Rafighi (Academic)IMG_8536

Joel Paulokangas (Academic)

Kayley Burger (Citizenship)

Malachi Muhic (Athletics)

Shea MacAllister (Academic)

Zoe Turner-Davis (Award of Excellence)

IMG_5382Connected Math, Powerful Learning:  Grade 8s in Ms Narang’s class were given time for talking about their passion and the things they love to do. They were then asked to investigate if they can authentically connect math content to the real life situations and the things they do in their daily life. It was really awesome to see how they connected some typical topics like equations, Ratios, perimeter, percentages to the video games like Mine Craft, Dungeon Keeper, Sim City, Pokemon. They talked about employee success IMG_5387rates and percentages of chances that an employee gets hired. One student showed examples of equations and variables that he would use helping dad buying food for the dogs.One group compared the gas prices across the border and explained how math skills are useful in daily life. It was really rewarding to see how confident they were about “when and how” they would use math in real life.

IMG_8524Dramatic Shakespeare Presentations: Our Integrated Fine Arts students spent some time over the past few weeks looking at the William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As part of their analysis of this literary work, they created amazing dramatic presentations where they wereIMG_8530 asked to tackle techniques such as layering, flow and pace while depicting some key themes and ideas from the story. They did a wonderful job combining drama and literacy for some powerful learning.

IMG_8540Geering Up For Science: One of the focuses we have for students is getting more opportunities to learn with their hands. So when some UBC students were prepared to come and share their passion and talents with HD Stafford Middle School through the Geering Up For Science program, our aboriginal teacher, Mrs C-K jumped at it. Our grade eights spent time building circuits and exploring other hands-on science opportunities. Was a great learning experience for sure.

IMG_8531Communication And Problem Solving … With Marshmallows: Some of our grade six students were given a tasty task this past week. As part of an ongoing unit on effective communication and problem solving skills, the students in Mrs Zawaduk’s class have been given a variety of challenges toIMG_8532 accomplish as a individuals, smalls groups and a whole class. This week they had to make the tallest structure possible using only marshmallows and toothpicks. There were a variety of strategies used, but the creative thinking and powerful communication were the most powerful aspects of the exercise.


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