Hawk Squawk: January 6th

January 6, 2017

Happy New Year and welcome back! Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday. It was great to be back at school with all the energy of the students and staff. And of course, we started 2017 with plenty to celebrate. Here is the Hawk Squawk: January 6th. Please be sure share with your family and friends.

IMG_1791Historical Detective Work In Ms Lacroix’s Class: While many students can sometimes find studying history “boring”, Ms Lacroix did a great activity to help them see the amount of inference and critical thinking involved. As a lead up to examining the Battle of Hastings, she turned her students into ancient detectives. StudentsIMG_1792 were provided with random clues to see if they could piece together what happened. They came up with some great theories and will definitely approach their learning with much deeper purpose.

20170105_142804Tic Tac Toe Comes To Life: The students in Ms Passaglia’s class were playing life-size tic tac toe in Career Ed because they are learning about leadership and collaborative skills. The students were put into randomly selected teams and had to work together and strategize in order to win a friendly but competitive game of tic tac toe. This teaches them 20170105_135356collaborative skills as they had to discuss with each other before they made each move as a team! The students were also working on being able to work with whoever they were put with and they did an amazing job! 

IMG_7517Flexible Learning Thriving At HDSMS: At the beginning of the year, four of our classrooms qualified for a district grant to support flexible learning spaces to enhance student learning. And over the past four months Ms Hamilton, Ms Passaglia, Ms McArthur and Ms Nichols/Ms Elstak have been working with their students to transform their rooms. AndIMG_7520 as we returned for the new calendar year, things are really coming into place. Each of the rooms offers students a great opportunity to learn in different ways depending on their style. We look forward to expanding this to even more classrooms in the coming years.

IMG_8981Grade Sixes Looking For Work: It is so important that the learning at school be transferrable to life after graduation. The connection is essential. So Ms Ashcroft had her students not only prepare their own resumes but actually had them be part of an interview process to get a “job.” This occupation will then be used as part of a Career planning unit where students will get to 50542140025__049365FB-0105-4A40-923E-446DA5828C66role play the “real world.” It was a great learning experience for the students and one that will be useful as they grow into adolescents and enter the workforce.

IMG_2994-1Tasty Start To 2017: Our students in the Home Arts rotation of exploration jumped right back into things this week learning how to make some sweet, tasty treats. The grade 7s were making Blondies while the grade 6 students learned a classic … chocolate chip cookies. The samples that made their way to the office confirm the IMG_3005students did an excellent job!


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