Hawk Squawk: February 5th

February 5, 2016

Has been an awesome week here at HD Stafford Middle School! Watching both students and staff immersed in meaningful learning is what HDSMS is all about. Here is the Hawk Squawk: February 5th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_7042Grade Sevens Discover The Power Of Code: Mr Grill has challenged his students to become computer coders! Through an awesome website called Code Studio, the students have been learning how to code different games and activities. This incredible program takes IMG_7040students step by step through a variety of course using popular games such as Minecraft and Angry Birds to show them this powerful skill in a step by step manner. It is definitely a skill that will serve them well in the future … and is a ton of fun!

IMG_7043Skyhawks Hit The Powder: Wednesday saw the annual HD Stafford Ski and Snowboard trip up to Whistler and by all accounts it was a great success. Students enjoyed awesome conditions while enjoying a full day on the slopes. It is so great that ourIMG_7045 students have the opportunity to participate in these experiences. Huge thanks to Mr Hendy for organizing this memorable day.

IMG_7039Science Gets Foggy In Mr Calderon’s Class: As a middle school we are really lucky to have an amazing facility and some incredible equipment. One of the places this stands out is in the area of Science. And this past week, some of the students in Mr Calderon’s class used some different Science equipment to make their very ownIMG_7036 fog. The students had a blast with this hands-on experiment and learned a lot by their failures and successes.

Pillow Power In Home Arts: The grade eights in Mrs Sanderson’s Home Arts elective have been working on making their very own IMG_7048pillows. And while creating these projects learned some valuable skills in the area of textiles. The pride in their faces as they showed off their finished projects told the story of how much they enjoyed it. IMG_7047

Staff Attend Powerful Web Training: We are very excited to be bring the WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) program to HD Stafford Middle starting very shortly. And this past week, Mr Main, Ms Cooper and Mr Davids were certified IMG_7030at a local full-immersion conference. This amazing philosophy will see grade eights trained as WEB leaders to work with our incoming grade sixes as mentors and coaches, ensuring their transition into HD Stafford Middle is safe and enjoyable. We have no doubt this will have a significant IMG_7031positive effect on the culture of our school.



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