Hawk Squawk: April 13th

April 13, 2017

What an awesome week … seems like the short ones are always jam packed. On behalf of all of us, we hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday. To start it off right, here is the Hawk Squawk: April 13th.

Grade 6/7 SpeechFest: For the past few weeks, some of our grade 6 and 7 classes have been working on a public speaking unit. They are given some parameters around time, presentation, etc, then choose a topic and create their own public speech. Some earned the right to compete with their peers to earn a spot at the Regional Semi-Final SpeechFest being held next Friday. From there, they will have the opportunity to advance to the District Final SpeechFest. Regardless, it was amazing to the see the students demonstrate this valuable life skill with confidence and poise. Thanks to Ms Passaglia, Mr Cavalli, Ms Ashcroft and Mr Brandolini for their work on this event.

WEB Easter Egg Hunt: Just before we broke for the Easter long weekend our WEB leaders used the opportunity to connect with their grade 6 students through an Easter Egg hunt. Plastic eggs were hidden all over the field, courts and playgrounds where grade 6s rushed to find them. They then traded them in for chocolate eggs, including a few very special eggs for special chocolate. It was wonderful to see the students having so much fun and connecting with one another through this mentorship program. Thanks to Ms Chapman and Ms Cooper for organizing.

International Day Of Pink: Wednesday was International Day of Pink … an opportunity to show support against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny across the world. Students and staff wore pink to celebrate diversity and respect. It was another great reminder that kindness and respect are not about one day, but about how we treat each other every day. At HD Stafford Middle we are so lucky to have an amazingly diverse student body and this event was another great chance to celebrate that.

Ten Word Shakespeare: The student’s in Mrs Lacroix’s class, inspired by our recent production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream have been reading through a variety of Shakespearean literature. And as a way to demonstrate their understanding of what they are reading, they were given the challenge to summarize the plot in ten words. They had to not only be sure they understand the main theme, but then had to capture that in only ten, well chosen words. The final results were amazing.

HDSMS Students Give Back: Two of our classes have been working through units where they have been given the task of choosing a charity that they are passion about or have a connection to. They then had to work collaboratively to design and implement a fundraising campaign to raise money and awareness for that cause. Ms Ashcroft and Ms Narang’s class really embraced the challenge finding wonderful organizations to support and creative ways to support them. And the best part is they are authentically giving back to our own community!

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