Hawk Squawk: September 29th

September 30, 2017

What a powerful week at HDSMS. Was so amazing to see our community come together and grow even stronger as we recognized two significant events while embracing authentic learning in our classrooms. As you head into the weekend, enjoy our Hawk Squawk celebrating our amazing community.

Orange Shirt Day in Honour of Every Child: On Friday, almost our entire HD Stafford community wore orange shirts in recognition of the hurt and pain of Residential Schools towards our Aboriginal community. Students were given the opportunity to learn about this black mark on Canadian history and reflect on their role in the Truth and Reconciliation journey. They recorded their thoughts on paper orange shirts that are displayed in our front foyer. It was a powerful day for our students and staff alike.

Terry Fox Run: We use the word “hero” a little too loosely these days but few would question the true heroism of Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer research. On a nice warm Thursday, our staff and students participated in an assembly celebrating the life of Terry Fox and then headed out on a run in his honour. We raised around $1000 during our Twoonies For Terry Campaign. Thank you! And since three grade 8s beat Mr Van Meer on the course, they got to “pie him.” So proud of our Skyhawks community for continuing Terry’s legacy.

Connection, Sharing, Reconciliation: Throughout this week, our students have been learning about residential schools and the importance of Truth and Reconciliation in our country. They then took that to the next level and shared their learning with the students at Simonds Elementary. They passed on their knowledge both orally and through orange shirts. The connection and learning was very powerful and goes to our action plan goal of community.

A Box is a Box is a Box: Students are well into their first rotation of explorations and are creating come amazing things already. In Tech Arts students have designed and built their own keepsake boxes. Each has a one-of-a-kind design on it, meaningful to the student. It is clear that great care was taken in the design, cutting, sanding and assembling of these projects. They turned out awesome!

Dig To Discover: In Ms Cooper’s class, as part of our introduction to the study of ancient civilizations, the students acted as archeologists. They had the opportunity to investigate an assortment of artifacts that we imagined they had found in the hot climate of present day Iraq, somewhere between the Euphrates and the Tigris river. The students had to look closely at the items to try to figure out what they might be and what they might reveal about their civilization of origin. They came up with some great theories…just like an archaeologist would have.

Bonus Squawk!

Home-made Terrariums in Science: Mrs Ashcroft took her class outside as part of their recent Science unit to create terrariums. They collected materials to put in their jars to create sustainable ecosystems. Students had a great time sharing their learning with one another while creating something to take home with them. That hands-on learning is such an important par tof the middle school experience.

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