Hawk Squawk: October 21st

October 21, 2016

Hope everyone is all set for the weekend. Just finished another amazing week here at HD Stafford Middle! So proud of all the awesome things going on here! Check out our Hawk Squawk: October 21st and be sure to share with your family and friends.

HDSMS Rises Above Bullying: On Monday, our entire school attended a presentation at IMG_0539Colossus theatre put on by YLCC Media about bullying. They created a wonderful documentary called Rising Above that had several people share their experience with bullying situations and how they rose above it. What was great is all perspectives were represented including the victim, bystander and bully themselves. Everyone was IMG_0554candid in their stories offering our students lots to reflect on in their own situations. Great conversations are sure to follow in the classroom.

Bringing The Pond Into The Lab: Mr Calderon had his grade 8s begin work in our Science Lab, in particular with the microscopes. IMG_0545The students collected water from our local ponds and then did scientific analysis of what was in there. It was a great blend of hand-on learning while obtaining the specific skills they need to use the microscopes in other situations. And suffice to say, IMG_0546they determined you probably don’t want to drink the water from our ponds and creek.

Great Shake Out At HDSMS: On October 20th, the Langley School District joined the entire province in the Great Shake Out in preparation for a large scale earthquake. All staff and students had the opportunity to review the necessary steps to take should an earthquake happen in our area. And we are happy to report that we are in a good position to keep all our staff and students safe should this event occur. Thank you to our District PAC for the great safety kits as well as our own PAC for providing many of the emergency equipment we require.

Babysitter Trained And Ready: While many of our students enjoyed a long weekend and ourIMG_0556 staff were busy at Professional Development events, some of our students participated in the Canadian Red Cross Babysitting course. This full day workshop equips them with all the skills they will need to FullSizeRender 3be effective babysitters in our community. They cover everything from working with younger children to dealing with emergency situations. I’m sure they’ll be advertising their services soon!

Solving Tangram Puzzles: Ms Nichols returned from her maternityIMG_5193.JPG leave last Monday and had the students fully engaged in numeracy connected to science. Using the pieces of a Tangram puzzle students created as many original shapes as they could. Then were asked to make a square. Then given an additional piece and asked to create another larger square. And while learning some math, they were really IMG_5216.JPGgetting the skills necessary for science. They dabbled with the ideas of perseverance, trial and error, the need for many mistakes and collaboration when you can’t find the answer. They discussed how nature is a puzzle and can’t always assume the new pieces always fit. They learned that new info may require an old theory to be tested or modified. They are clearly ready for some inquisitive Science thinking.




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