Hawk Squawk: October 13th

October 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th! A great superstitious day! It has been a wonderful week at HDSMS. Be sure to join us in celebrating through our Hawk Squawk: October 13th. And feel free to share with your family and friends.

Shake Zone Simulator Rocks Students: We were very lucky to have the Shake Zone Simulator at our school on Friday to help educate our students and staff on what to do when the “big one” hits the west coast. Students and staff got to experience an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in this virtual machine, allowing us to reflect on what that would be like in our own home or school. Everyone had a blast and learned some valuable life skills! Thanks to the Insurance Bureau of Canada and the City of Langley for creating this opportunity for our kids.

Life Cells In Grade 8: It is a traditional unit for grade 8 classes across the province to study the cells of animals and plants. What becomes the art of teaching is seeing how different educators approach this learning concept. The students in Mr. Goulet’s classes had the opportunity to flex their creativity in creating 3-D models. As you can see from the photos, students were able to learn while being creative…and excellent combination!

Students Collaborate To Create Leather Pouches: This past week our Aboriginal Support Worker, Mrs Mathews, along with our exploration teachers got together students from our ACCESS program with some of our grade sixes to make Aboriginal leather pouches. It was an amazing integrated project where Ms Villeneuve taught about Aboriginal history while Mr. Mitchell and Ms Yzerman showed the skills of making the actual pouches. It is this kind of connected learning that can be the most powerful for students.

Halloween Fun In Division 8-1 & 8-2: With Halloween right around the corner, the grade 8s in Mr. Horrocks and Ms Forbes class spent some time getting into the spirit by decorating and playing Educational Halloween games. One of the great aspects of Middle School is it keeps our kids “younger” a little longer. Seeing our grade 8s embrace this fun holiday is great. And the fact that they connected with our students in the ACCESS program made it even that much more special. Be sure to check out our Haunted House and Fall Fair on October 27th!

Textiles Is Back: As many of you know, one of the best parts of being in a middle school is all the opportunities get during their explorations blocks. And this year, we are so excited to have textiles back as part of our Home Arts rotations. Mrs Fontaine had kids behind the sewing machines this week learning the basics of textiles. And based on the engagement of our students, it was a big hit! We look forward to seeing the awesome things they produce.



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