Hawk Squawk: November 3rd

November 3, 2017

What an awesome week! Was so great to continue to have this great fall weather. Before we start the celebration here at HDSMS, a reminder that clocks fall back one hour this Sunday. Now without further adieu, here is the Hawk Squawk: November 3rd.


Happy Halloween: It is such a great day for kids and staff alike … Halloween. Our entire HDSMS community took this chance to be creative and dress up to heart with many great great costumes. Classes were decorated and we spent some time in the afternoon celebrating with games, movies and even a dance. We love the spirit it creates in our building!

Halloween En Francais: The students in Mr. Goulet’s French class used the holiday spirit to work on their French vocabulary, all while being extremely creative! Students learned a bunch of different French words they might need to describe a Haunted House. They then used their art skills to create spooky scenes and house while labelling them in French. Was a great way to integrate subjects in a way that made sense and was fun for kids. Check our our student/staff Monster Mash video by clicking here.

Hands On Geometry: One of the themes in our Hawk Squawks is the importance of hands on learning. In fact, in our action plan for learning, a focus on engaging students in their learning includes the use of manipulative. This past week, Ms Saumier was working on a geometry unit and had kids build their own isosceles, equilateral and scalene triangles. As they manipulated the material, they had to think about the definitions of these shapes while creating them in the 3-D format. Powerful, connected learning.

Change Your Mindset: The grade 6 students in Red House have been looking at ways to be successful and talk collectively about the power of a growth mindset. They researched popular quotes that remind us about the important our attitude has in our success in school and in life. Then after that, they created awesome drawings that go along with those quotes, making for an excellent display and more importantly, some great influences to guide our students!

Learning Is Shared At HDSMS: One of our key action plans for learning is to continue to build a strong community here at HD Stafford Middle School. And this past week, we were so happy to invite parents in so students could share their learning. Whether it was parent teacher interviews or student led conferences, the crucial triangle of learning (teachers, parents, students) were able to come together to discuss learning and progress. While it happens throughout the year, taking time to come together is amazing and worth celebrating.

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