Hawk Squawk: November 24th

November 25, 2017

Happy Friday. Was another spectacular week here at HD Stafford Middle School, culminating with the awesome Aboriginal Family Gathering. Here is what we are celebrating in our Hawk Squawk: November 24th

Aboriginal Christmas Family Gathering: We are so proud at HD Stafford Middle School to host the annual Aboriginal Christmas Family Gathering. This district-wide event brings together many families, staff and students together to celebrate through food, music and most importantly, connecting with one another. A huge thanks to all our Aboriginal Department for helping put this together and especially Mrs Matthews for coordinating things here at HDSMS.

Staff V Students Showdown: As is tradition at HD Stafford Middle School, when a season ends, the grade 8 athletes play against the staff with the entire school there cheering them on. On Wednesday they squared off in volleyball and in a very close match, the students did something that has only happened once before…they beat the staff by a score of 26 – 24. Congratulations to all our volleyball players and a special thank you to Mr Brandolini and Mr Horrocks for coaching.

TEDxLangley Youth: Our Grade 8 WEB leaders had the opportunity to attend a TEDx Youth event on Friday at Brookswood secondary. They listened to many local youth in our community present on topics that affect our students everyday. Topics included body image, inspiring others, the danger of only reading/ listening to one story about a country, procrastination, learning for life and not school grades, empathy, self improvement, and resilience. They left feeling inspired by the messages they heard and will hopefully come back and share with their fellow peers.

Grade 8 Body Systems: The students in Mr. Horrocks Science classes have been learning about the different body systems. After using traditional methods, they combined it with Art and created life-size drawings of different systems such as the Skeletal System, Respiratory System and the Reproductive System. It was great to see them share their learning in Science through such a creative way. So powerful in making the learning stick.

Monday Morning Welcome: The students in Mr Jung and Ms McArthur’s classes have been working all year on ways to give back to the school community! And on Monday morning, they arranged to greet our entire HD Stafford student community at the front door with signs, cheers and smiles! It was awesome to see everyone’s spirits lifted as they got ready for another week of school. It’s just another reason why HD Stafford is such a special place to be.


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