Hawk Squawk: May 27th

May 27, 2016

Another amazing week here at HD Stafford Middle School. The passion of our staff and students never ceases to amaze! Here is the Hawk Squawk: May 27th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_8600WEB Spring Play Day: We are very excited about bringing the WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) Program to HD Stafford Middle School. This amazing mentorship program sees current grade 7 students act as grade 8 WEB leaders to our incoming grade 6s next year. They welcome them to the school, share with them what it means to be a Skyhawk and then check in IMG_8599with them throughout the year. This past week, our prospective WEB leaders spend the afternoon at George Preston arena participating in the Spring Play Day where they began honing their leadership skills in preparation for being a WEB leader while learning some great activities to use with our grade 6s. This is going to be a culture changer for our school! Stay tuned for more updates!

IMG_8584Aboriginal Canoe Trip: We are very lucky at HD Stafford Middle School to have such an amazing Aboriginal Support Worker! Mrs Matthews does such a phenomenal job looking out for our Aboriginal students while sharing with them the importance of their culture and traditions. This past week, she took a group of student to Fort Langley to experience canoeing. And while the IMG_8582Fraser River is rich in history connected to the Aboriginal People of Langley the kids also had a blast doing something some of them had never done before. Huge thanks to Mrs Matthews for making this awesome learning experience possible.

IMG_1246Greek Theatre In Mr Brandolini’s Class: The theatre of Dionysus has come back. As part of an Ancient Greek inquiry project students were required to choose an influential Greek myth to study, create a script and then perform it to the class. Some of the myths the students chose were Thesus and the Minotaur, the story of Pandoras Box, Orphus and Hades, the Titan and Olympian godsIMG_1241 war, the Artemis & Apollo vs Niobe myth and the story about Medusa vs Athena. Students prepared the scripts and designed their own props and costumes. Was such a great way to immerse themselves into this ancient civilization, making obvious connections to the one we live in today.

IMG_8580Mr Grill Makes Learning Erupt: The students in grade 7 have been learning about volcanos in Mr. Grill’s Science classes. And while the “textbook” information can be useful, the students were able to integrate a more hands on approach by building their own! Using the information they had been IMG_8579gathering, students began creating paper mache volcanos in small groups. It was a great way to really connect their learning. And of course, we look forward to seeing them erupt in the near future.

IMG_8597Extreme Environments, Extreme Vehicles: One of the best curriculum contents in grade 6 is the unit on extreme environments. Students seem to really enjoy exploring the idea of climates and geography that far exceed what they see everyday. Whether it be underwater, extreme cold or outer space, student love to inquire about what life could be like. And as part of that unit with Mrs Saumier, Mrs IMG_8598Zawaduk and Ms Cooper, our grade 6s built models (based on their own designs) of vehicles that could survive in a particular extreme environment. They had to really understand what made the area extreme in order to develop something that would last there. And as you can see, the final result was an awesome smashing of creativity and knowledge!



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