Hawk Squawk: May 26th

May 26, 2017

Hopefully everyone had a great week and has plans to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. Was a short, but amazing week at HD Stafford Middle! Here is the Hawk Squawk: May 26th

Truth And Reconciliation Plaque Ceremony: On Thursday, the entire HD Stafford Middle community came together to acknowledge and celebrate the Truth And Reconciliation journey with our Aboriginal peoples. While a plaque was revealed as a symbol of our commitment to understanding the truths about residential schools impact on our Aboriginal community and to work in the future to reconcile this and make the future brighter, the power of the assembly was hearing the stories from our elders. We also unveiled an amazing gift painted by our very own Mr. Sandquist. It was an emotional, powerful day that began a new era for our school.

Rugby Boys Fraser Valley Champs: Our boys rugby team entered this past week with a record of 10 and 0 however on Wednesday they played the one they wanted the most. Against our cross town rivals, the WA Fraser Falcons, the Skyhawks squared off for the Lower Fraser Valley Championship. And our boys game out running and gunning right from the initial kickoff. It was a hard fought game and our boys emerged victorious, 34-12, bringing a banner home to our school. Congrats to Coach Colleen, Mr. Horrocks and the entire team!

M&M Science: We are lucky to have a Science Lab at HD Stafford Middle and this past week, one of our student teachers took advantage. As part of their Science unit on solutions and solvents, students in Ms Shin’s class put on their lab coats and safety glasses to test the effect of different liquids on M&Ms. Students came up with their own hypothesis on what water, vinegar, baby oil and rubbing alcohol would do to an M&M in 2 minutes and then tested their theories. So great to see students engaged in hands-on learning opportunities.

Flash Mob Breaks Out: For the past couple months, we have had student teachers at HD Stafford Middle School learning their craft as they prepare to enter the profession. And while they are knee deep in creating lesson plans and honing their classroom management skills, it is great that our newest teachers understand the power of connection through fun! Ms Li organized her three classes to perform a flash mob at lunch. To the surprise of our students and staff, they broke out into a choreographed dance while music played over the PA system. It was great to see the smiles on students faces as they watched and some even joined in. Great reminder of the power of fun and spontaneity.

Inuit Games Begin: As part of our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation journey, many of our teachers are integrating Aboriginal ways of teaching along with history/content into their classrooms. This past week, Ms Passaglia introduced her students to Inuit Games. The Inuit have always participated in a variety of games and sports. Skills developed by these games were often those necessary for everyday survival in the harsh environment. Students had the opportunity to try them first hand, while connecting their learning to this important historical perspective.

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