Hawk Squawk: May 13th

May 13, 2016

Another awesome week here at HD Stafford Middle School! So much amazing learning and wonderful spirit. Here is the Hawk Squawk: May 13th. Please be sure to share with your family and friends.

IMG_8470 FullSizeRender-1Grade 8s Enjoy Ride of Learning: Each year Playland hosts an event for schools where they combine Scientific learning with the rides and fun of the park. This year our grade 8s spent a beautiful day in Vancouver connecting a variety of learning topics (physics, math, etc) while making memories on the rollercoaster, Corkscrew and Ferris Wheel. There is no question they found some authentic connections between learning in the classroom and the world around them.

IMG_8472Tasty Treats For A Great Cause: This past week, the students and staff from our Access Room had been discussing the tragedy in Fort MacMurray. But instead of just talking about, they decided to do something about it. They all worked collaboratively to bake a variety of delicious treats to sell to our students. And what an amazing community experience it was and people came in droves paying more than the asking $1.00 per item to support these kids and the Fort MacMurray community. In total they raised over $1000.00. Huge thanks to the amazing staff in our Access Room for organizing this wonderful event.

Math Is King For Gauss Competition: This past week, some HD Stafford Middle students participated in the National Gauss Math competition. This contest is held for grade 7 & 8 students who excel at Math, particularly in high level problem solving. A huge congratulations to Jordan Phonmixay who was our top Grade 8 and Chris Jung who was our top Grade 7; kudos for their amazing accomplishments. And thanks to Mr. Brandolini for organizing and coordinating this awesome opportunity.

Grade Eight Rant: Students in Ms Lacroix’s wrote rants (think Rick Mercer) after they studied, readIMG_3808 and debated an article on whether Graffiti was art or blight. They could pick any topic they liked. Everything from dress codes, sexism against men & women, what equality really means, bullying, police violence and IMG_3813stereotyping. The conversations are incredible! It’s not that we want our teenagers debating everything, but if they’re going to, at least we want to give them the skills to do it well.

Dance Like No One Is Watching: On Friday, it was awesome to have Lisa School of Dance come to our school and perform for our Integrated Fine Arts students along with some of our grade 6 classes. Even our own Kaprice was part of the group that IMG_8476shared some amazing performances, including one based on Phantom of the Opera. It is great when our students can see what opportunities lie outside IMG_8477the school in our community and also cheer on a peer while celebrating their talent. Thanks to Mrs Coleman for organizing this cool event.

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