Hawk Squawk: June 9th

June 9, 2017

Has been a very eventful week with lots of great learning and school spirit going on. Here is the Hawk Squawk: June 9th. Have a great weekend!

HDSMS Performs Awesome At District Track Meet: This past week was the annual Langley District Middle School Track Meet. We sent over 40 athletes to compete against Betty Gilbert, Yorkson Creek and Langley Fundamental in variety of events. Our students achieved extremely well, securing several podium finishes! A huge thank you to our coaches, Mr Grill, Ms Chapman and Mr. Brandolini as well as Mr Safiq for helping organize this amazing day for our students.


Racing In The Halls: The students in Ms Donaldson’s Science class have had lots of opportunities to practice hands-on learning. This past week was no exception. They embraced the new ADST curriculum (Applied Design, Skills, Technologies) by creating their own high pressure cars and hover crafts. Their “unit test” on hydraulics and pneumatics consisted of raising balloon powered cars down the hall as well as demonstrating hover craft action using fans and batteries. Another example of authentic, powerful learning.

Sports Day Rounds Out The Week: After a  great week, the Skyhawks community had their Sports Day! Students were put into cross-grade teams based on their house teams and competed in a variety of stations throughout the day. They earned points for their house teams while enjoying some friendly competition among one another, with the champions enjoying an upcoming BBQ. Congratulations to Blue House who won! Thanks to Ms Bhamra, Mr Safiq and the entire staff for making this great day possible.

Live Action Math: For many students, especially at the middle school level, engaging in numeracy and math learning can be difficult. For a variety of reasons, many students feel they “can’t do Math” and stop trying. So it was great this past week to see our grade 8s in Ms Elstak’s class bringing Math to life. They were learning about linear equations and linear relationships and while paper and pencil activities occurred, they seared the learning into their minds but creating life size graph paper on the floor and showing the mathematical equations using their bodies. It was clear that all the students were engaged and the learning was amazing.

Grade Seven Science Fair: As a school year ends, we often see great showcasing of student learning. This was evident in one of our grade 7 teams as students shared the final demonstrations of their Science Fair. Led by Ms McArthur, student chose passion areas and designed a question of inquiry. They created a hypothesis on what their results could be and then went about testing and re-testing their thinking. The final displays and conversations with the students about their learning made it clear the deep learning that occurred.


Tasty Aboriginal Learning In Foods Class: We are so blessed to have adults in the building who collaborate and work together to make learning powerful for kids. This was on full display this past week as our Home Arts teacher, Ms Lee connected with our amazing Aboriginal Support Worker to help our students learn how to make a traditional First People treat. Mrs Matthews showed students how to make bannock, a delicious flat bread! While sharing some Aboriginal history and stories, students got to create this great treat!

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