Hawk Squawk: June 2nd

June 2, 2017

Was a full and busy week. So many great things to celebrate. Here is the Hawk Squawk: June 2nd. Have a great weekend.

Spring Play For Our Newest WEB Leaders: On Friday afternoon over 40 of our current grade 7 students went to the George Preston Centre with our WEB teachers to start their journey as WEB leaders. They spent the afternoon participating in team building activities, some to create common experiences with one another and some that they will do with the incoming Skyhawks in September. It is so great to have so many committed to mentoring our youngest students while honing their own leadership skills. Huge thanks to Ms Cooper, Mrs Chapman and Ms McArthur for their work on organizing this.

95 Theses of HDSMS: For their unit on the Reformation, Div 3 & 4 have been studying Martin Luther and his 95 Theses that he nailed to the church door as a symbolic gesture of change. In order to authentically connect with his criticisms in a relevant way, the students created their own 95 Theses using the District Code of Conduct and the HDSMS student handbook. They then when through the same symbolic motion of taping them to Mr. Davids’ door. It was great to see students think critically about what changes could be good for our school community while connecting their learning to history.

Staff Appreciation Lunch: This past Wednesday, the PAC showed their appreciation of the entire HD Stafford Middle staff by holding a luncheon. They brought in delicious sandwiches and of course, cookies to say thank you for all the hard work the adults in the building do to support kids. We truly are lucky to have an entire community that supports the success of our students. It was appreciated by all to have it recognized with lunch.

Reading Through Twitter: Ms Lacroix always has a way of connecting reading to the student’s world while helping create a deeper understanding and learning of literature. This past week, students had to choose a quote from the novel Cibou, a story of young Mi’kmaq girl set in the 17th century that they could relate to personally and explain why. They also had to create a series of tweets outlining the main plot points. The final results were amazing and students were able to connect to this great piece of literature.

HDSMS Say Good-Bye To Our Student Teachers: It has been so amazing having student teachers from the UBC Middle Years Program with us for the past 10 weeks. Ms Shin, Ms Was and Ms Li have been working in different classes learning how to be effective teachers. They have been such a wonderful part of our Skyhawks community as they have gotten to know students, parents and staff really well. They will be greatly missed and we wish them all the best in their careers. We look forward to having them back at HD Stafford Middle in the very near future.

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