Hawk Squawk: February 3rd

February 3, 2017

Happy Friday! Can’t believe we are getting MORE snow! Enjoy it this weekend and be safe. To get your weekend started right with our Hawk Squawk: February 3rd. Please share with your family and friends.

HDSMS Hosts Newcomer Lunch: This past week we had a great event for our Syrian and other newcomer families. We invited their parents and siblings to a wonderful potluck luncheon. The families brought in delicious home-made, cultural dishes for everyone to enjoy. And they were amazing! We were then treated to a couple performances…a traditional Lion dance and some ribbon dancing. Was so amazing to be able to share these cultural experiences.

Mexican Amate Art: As part of our continued work on learning about different cultures, the students in Mr. Sandquist’s classes had the opportunity to create Mexican Amate Art. Amate paintings are a folk art of the Mexican Mezcala region and is named after the bark paper on which they are done. The paintings in Amate resembled their pottery figures with colorful flowers, birds and other animals like deer and rabbits. The painting on Brown paper usually features colorful paintings, made with acrylic colors, depicting flowers, birds, deer or rabbits and every day stories from the community such as fishing, hunting and harvesting. It was a great opportunity for the students to learn about this culture while creating beautiful works of art.

Pinwheel Cameras: The grade 8 students in Ms Donaldson’s class are continuing their unit on light. This past week, they built their own pinwheel cameras out of parchment paper, construction paper, tin foil and tape. It was a great opportunity to learn about the role of light in taking pictures (with old fashioned cameras) while ending up with a cool product. Was great to see the kids trying out their creations.

IFA Grade 6s Check Out The Langley Museum: The grade 6 students in our IFA program boarded busses and headed to the Langley Centennial Museum for a great morning of learning. They had the opportunity to see artifacts related to the Stolo Nation – People of the River. They also had the opportunity to see what wartime propaganda looked like. Was interesting to see kids connect with media looked like in the last century compared to what we see today. They even got to come up with their own slogans based on pictures from that era. We are so lucky to have this amazing resource so close and accessible for our students.

Reducing Stress Through Weaving: In Ms Lacroix’s class, the students have been working on a great life skill … self regulation. This past week they used weaving as a way to improve their emotional well-being. Kids picked pictures that represent one word for them (determination, resilience, strength, adventurous etc). They then created these wonderful pieces of art. What a great chance for students to develop skills that will last a lifetime.

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