Hawk Squawk: February 24th

February 24, 2017

As the students enjoy a long weekend, staff are off today participating and presenting in several different professional development activities. Since you have some extra time, enjoy the latest Hawk Squawk: February 24th.

Spreading Idea Of Kindness And Respect: This past Wednesday was Pink Shirt Day across Canada. This when children and adults alike don pink to remind us the importance of interacting with kindness and respect. And our grade students from Ms Passaglia’s class did just that. They spent time preparing grade appropriate presentations about what kindness and respect look and feel like. They then went to one of our feeder schools, Uplands Elementary to present to different classes, grades Kindergarten to Five. The interactions were amazing for all involved and some wonderful learning occurred. We hope to spread this to our other feeder schools next year.

World Of Dance: The students in Mrs Coleman’s classes have been exploring our world of dance. Students have had the opportunity to share various styles from across the globe. From the Mexican hat dance and Spanish flamenco, to tinikling from the Philippines, students explored and researched styles and their history to share with one another. It was amazing learning for both the presenters and the audience with lots of example demonstrated.

LSS Avid Connects With HDSMS: It is so important for our family of schools to stay connected throughout the year. As the middle section of a child’s education, we know how important the transitions from elementary-middle and from middle-secondary are. So this past week, we were excited to have students from the LSS Avid Program (many former HDSMS students) come and work with our students on a variety of things. They connected their learning by giving back while our students had the opportunity to see what possibilities lay ahead of them.

Staff Go Back To School: As students enjoyed a long weekend, the staff of HDSMS joined their colleagues across the district in a day of professional development. Learners from our school attended a variety of workshops including learning about post traumatic stress syndrome, a social-emotional Friends program, effective use of technology in the classroom and many many more. We even had some staff act as presenters, sharing their knowledge with everyone.

Look Up: Students get the opportunity to enjoy so many different learning activities in their Fine Arts Explorations rotation. This week in Ms Yzerman’s class the students played a game calls “Look Up.” The game has 5 students with their heads down while a scenario is read out loud. When “Look up” is called, each student reveals a facial expression reacting to the scenario. The audience votes on who’s expression is the best reaction. Was so much fun as they honed their drama skills.

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