Hawk Squawk: February 16th

February 16, 2018

Been an amazing couple of weeks here at HD Stafford Middle School. So much amazing learning going on as well as the continued building of a positive Skyhawk culture. Here are some examples of why HDSMS is such an amazing place to be!

Packing Tape Art: Students in Mrs Cowling’s Grade 7 Green House have been exploring the medium of packing tape when it comes to creating art. They used this everyday supply to create amazing, artistic molds of a variety of things including notebooks, arms, animals, water bottles and a basketball. Some groups were even more ambitious and created full body packing tape structures. The end result was AMAZING! Be sure to come check them out in our front foyer display case.

Newcomer/ELL Family Gathering: We are so lucky at HD Stafford Middle School to have such a diverse population. Today we had a great family gathering where parents and siblings came in to celebrate the amazing learning going on with our students. They then had a chance to connect with one another over some delicious food. Huge thanks to Ms Sellers and Ms Carranza for putting this awesome event together!

ACCESS Valentine’s Cafe: We are so proud of our entire Skyhawks community and one of the best parts are the students in our ACCESS program. This past week for Valentine’s Day, they spent time baking brownies, cookies, marshmallow lollipops and chocolate covered strawberries to sell to our parents, students and staff. They had special coffee and hot chocolate drinks as well. And the cool part was all money raised was then donated to Children’s Hope For Hearts. So awesome when our students are creating the positive culture at HDSMS!

Mesopotamia Comes Alive: The students in our Grade 7 Red House are lucky to have passionate teachers like Ms Cooper. Over the past few weeks, the students have been learning about Mesopotamia! And recently, their learning culminated in an awesome day where they fully immersed themselves into the Mesopotamian world. The students brought food and drink connected to the time, played games based on this ancient civilization and even were treated to live music. It was a great learning opportunity students will not soon forget.

Communication Is Key: Mr Briscoe has a great knack for making learning deeper and more meaningful for students. Lately his class has been working on clear communication as part of the Health and Career curriculum. Students drew “simple “ pictures and then had to give instructions to their partners on how to draw the same picture without either seeing what the other had on the paper. You can only imagine what some of the final products looked like but what the students quickly understood is how important clear communication can be to create success. Now there’s a life skill worth having!

WEB Valentine’s Activity: This week we had another great WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) activity with our mentors and grade 6s. Groups got to know each other a bit better by playing a “20 Questions.” They challenged themselves individually by trying to hold onto their feet and jump over a $5. Four lucky winners were able to show their mad skills and walked away with a $5 bill. Then a 200 person game of Tag! A little crazy Valentines fun, and then they left with a sweet treat and Valentine’s note from their WEB leader.


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