Hawk Squawk: April 28th

April 28, 2017

Missed a week but back and better than ever! Was a busy week with lots to celebrate from the past couple weeks. Here is a two week version of the Hawk Squawk: April 28th.

SpeechFest Success: Over the past two weeks, many schools in the Langley District participated in SpeechFest. HD Stafford Middle School hosted grades 2 – 7 last week in the regional semi-finals. Students spoke on a variety of topics with the top two going to the District Finals this Friday. Congratulations to our very own Elizabeth A and Alex B who qualified for the finals. They spoke on “Women of Colour” and “LGBTQ+” respectively. In fact, Alex places third in the entire district! We are so proud of all of our participants for getting up in front of so many and showing their public speaking skills.

German Cuisine Come To The HDSMS Kitchen: We are so lucky to have had four German students at our school each week helping out in a variety of ways. They have been an integral part of our Community Room, often volunteering to help out with our breakfast and lunch program. This past week, one of them helped out in Ms Lee’s Home Arts class showing the class how to make a traditional German pastry. The students then had the opportunity to make their own … very tasty!

The Halls Are Alive With The Sound Of Music: This past week, it was amazing to have the LSS band come to HD Stafford Middle School before school to play for students as they came to school. They played a variety of concert and jazz music as our students gathered and enjoyed. It was a great opportunity for the LSS students to perform while our students got a glimpse into the opportunities that await them! Looking forward to having them back again.

Access Does Community Clean-Up: One of the best parts of the staff and students in our Access Program is how they get involved in our school and surrounding community. Each and every week they get out of the classroom and make things better for those around us. This past week, they went out in to our school property and surrounding trails to help clean-up some of the garbage. They had a great time and the community looked better because of their efforts. Thank you!

Feeder School Visits: It is already that time of year when we start welcoming our newest Skyhawks to HD Stafford Middle. This past week, Mr. Kemp and Mr. Davids went to our feeder schools to visit with the grade 5s and let them know about all the exciting things waiting for them in September. It was great to answer their questions while sharing all the awesomeness that happens every day at our school. Next up, our incoming Skyhawks will be coming to visit us!

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