Hawk Squawk: April 1st

April 2, 2016

Welcome Back! Even in a very short week, there is lots to celebrate here at HD Stafford Middle School. Everyone has come back from the break rested and ready to finish strong for the last couple months of the year. Here is the Hawk Squawk: April 1st. Please share iwth your fmaily and friends.

IMG_8028HDSMS Gets A Face-Lift: For the past few months, we have had several different part of the Langley District Maintenance crew working at HD Stafford Middle. And after Spring Break, staff and students came back to even more upgrading of our facility. The community room saw the counters and appliances installed, our IMG_8029interior walls continued to get a full make-over of fresh paint, our front entrance skylights got a cleaning and now two amazing decals greet everyone with the amazing Skyhawks Pride we feel here everyday. A HUGE thank you to all of the amazing maintenance workers who take care of our building! It is really appreciated.

IMG_8038History AT HD Stafford Middle: Friday was an historic day at HDSMS as the soccer intramural champions, The Eagles, took on the Dream Team staff. It was a closely contested game for most of it but in an unprecedented event, the students scored two late goals to seal a 6-4 win over the staff. There was muchIMG_8034 celebration for the entire student body as this epic event unfolded. Congratulations to The Eagles and thanks to Mr Safiq for organizing a great season. Stay tuned for the next intramural season coming soon.

IMG_8040Students Act As Ambassadors For Our Mexican Visitors: Last week, our students in the 212 program acted as ambassadors for an international school exchange with Mexico City. Several middle aged students came to HD Stafford Middle School to get a first hand experience on what IMG_8021school is like in Canada. Our Skyhawks were partnered with each of our visitors to fully emerge them in the educational and social experience of school in Canada. There is no question these have created memories and some friendships that will last a life-time.

IMG_8019Rugby Season Officially Kicks Off: This past week saw the rugby teams begin their regular season in games against Clayburn Middle School in Abbotsford. The boys played at HD Stafford Middle in a very exciting match in the sunshine. The teams went back and forth with the boys losing by one point at the IMG_8013end of the game. In the other game, the girls played in the first every female rugby game int he history of the school. They played a very hard game and enjoyed every minute of it. Next up is Fraser Middle next week.

IMG_8008Flames Burn In The Science Lab: Ms Welsh hit the ground running after the break with the grade eights by getting them in the science lab doing some hands on learning. They were measuring oxygen using water and flames. The students were fully engaged and were able to connect the IMG_8007learning in the laboratory to the theoretical information they had been studying in class. So powerful to see authentic learning at work.

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